Election Integrity

We have to go back to paper ballots, voting in-person and just ONE election day. Eliminate mail-in ballots, good reason absentee ballot requests and ELIMINATE THE MACHINES. We need to "hand count", VOTER ID LAW and count at the precincts. 

Medical Freedom

I will vote, every time, for the people of Michigan to have the right to choose whether they wear a mask or whether they take a vaccine. I will NEVER support "Vaccine Passports". This is a violation of the Constitution of the United States. THIS MUST STOP!

Public Schools/CRT

Our kids are being taught to hate each other based on the color of their skin. They are being "brain washed" on sexual education. School Boards have way to much power. It's time to bring "CIVICS" back to our schools to teach them about the Constitution, Bill of Rights and NO CHILD should be forced to wear a mask at school. 


3 Major Issues

About Me

On November the 3rd and 4th, 2020, I worked for Dominion Voting Systems as an IT Professional at the TCF Center. I witnessed over 20 counts of election fraud in a 27 hour period. I submitted an Affidavit and was referred  to as one of Rudy Giuliani's top witness. At those hearings, I would not let liberals in Lansing push me around. I have been on over a dozen news program and have given countless interviews  on how our election was stolen. If elected, I will go to Lansing and fight for our citizens just as hard. I am an American First, Michigan First Patriot and I believe that we need to work together to clean out Lansing of corruption.

I am a Mother of two beautiful children and they are the future of this Great State. However, changes must be made in order to secure their future and other children beside them. It's time for real work and real talk in Michigan. We can get this done!




Gen. Flynn


Roger Stone


Mike Lindell


Ann Vandersteel


Rudy Giuliani


Alex Jones


Jovan Pulitzer


Pete Santilli